The Twelfth Annual Threesis Academic Challenge Winners

Joanna Seifter, Museum Studies | 1st Place

From Egyptian Tombs to Men's Boxers: How the Metropolitan Museum of Art Converted Hippopotamus to William

Tahj Starr, Biology | 2nd Place

A Tough Choice: How Decision-Making in Yeast Can Help Us Better Treat Cancer

Jubilee Marshall, History | 3rd Place

The Old Days Back Again: A Lost Cause Case Study in the Internet Age

Duvraska Mendoza, Creative Writing in Spanish | Audience Choice

New Hope Hidden in The Darkness

Liza Schmidt, Global Journalism + Latin American & Caribbean Studies | Finalist

From Gangs to Graffiti: a Colombian Neighborhood Transformed

Maia Livneh, Psychology | Finalist

It's All in Your Head: What Neural Pathways Reveal About Trauma

Mohiba Ahmed, Near Eastern Studies | Finalist

Resurrection of the Silenced: Baloch Women's Struggle against Forced Disappearances