Dean's Student Travel Grant Program

The Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS) provides funds to graduate students in the humanities, social sciences and sciences for travel to professional meetings and conferences to present invited papers or posters. The Dean's Student Travel Grant Program provides a total of 225 awards each year, in the amount of $500 each, to help students defray the cost of presenting their scholarly work. The grant may be used for travel, lodging, and related expenses.

The application procedures and selection process have changed from prior years. Please read the information on this page carefully. In particular, note the following changes:

  • Applications are submitted online, using the form below.
  • Department approval for the application is required from a few departments. The GSAS Dean's Office coordinates the department review process for the applicant.
  • Effective with fall 2011, Period I, the maximum number of awards that Ph.D. students may receive is two. Master's students may receive only one grant during their career in GSAS.
  • Confirmation of acceptance to the conference is required before an award will be disbursed. If confirmation is not received within a specified time period, then the award offer is cancelled.
  • Students who apply and are accepted to a conference after the application dates for a travel period have passed may submit an application for consideration in the immediately-following travel period.


  • Applicants must be matriculated students in good academic standing in a GSAS graduate program. Doctoral students must be within seven years of their first term of enrollment in their graduate program (eligibility may be extended beyond the seventh year if a student was off campus for approved fieldwork, or if there are extenuating academic circumstances). Master’s students must be within two years of their first term of enrollment in their graduate program.
  • Applicants must be presenting a paper/poster at a scholarly or professional conference. Attendance only cannot be funded; presentations at graduate student conferences or invitational seminars at other institutions also cannot be funded.
  • Applicants may apply while awaiting confirmation of acceptance from conference organizers; however, no grant checks will be issued without the submission of documentation showing acceptance. If documentation is not received within a specified time period, the award offer is cancelled.
  • Ph.D. students may receive no more than one grant per travel grant year and no more than two during their academic career at GSAS. Master’s students may receive no more than one grant during their time at GSAS pursuing that degree; should they continue in a GSAS Ph.D. program, the earlier grant will count as one of the awards allotted for their career. Effective with fall 2011, Period I, the maximum number of awards that Ph.D. students may receive is two.

Application and Selection Process

  • Travel grants are awarded three times per year for student travel during periods running from August to November, December to March, and April to July. A total of 225 grants are awarded, 75 in each travel period.
  • All awards are made by a two-tiered lottery: Ph.D. applicants who have never received a GSAS Student Travel Grant will be entered in the first round; if awards are still available, a second round for master’s applicants and previous Ph.D. grant recipients will be conducted. The GSAS Dean's Office supervises both lotteries.
  • At the end of the travel grant year, if any awards remain unused, the GSAS Dean's Office will hold a special lottery for students who have never received a travel grant and who were not selected during the year.
  • Early applications, incomplete applications and late applications will not be accepted.
  • Students may apply for a grant for only one conference per period.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Students must submit completed applications by using the online application below. Applications are only accepted within the appropriate two-week application period outlined below.

Travel Periods

Conferences Between Application Period (1) Notification of Award Sent (2) Checks Available Beginning (3) Confirmation Deadline (4)
Period I
Dec 1 to Mar 31
Oct 3 to 14 Nov 11 Dec 15 Feb 3
Period II
Apr 1 to Jul 31
Feb 6 to 17 Mar 10 Apr 14 Jun 2
Period III
Aug 1 to Nov 30
Jun 5 to 16 Jul 7 Aug 15 Sept 29


  1. All applications must be received by 5:00 pm on the final day of the application period. This is a “received by” deadline. Late applications, regardless of the date sent or reason for lateness, will not be accepted. It is the applicant’s sole responsibility to submit the application by the deadline.
  2. GSAS will send notification of the award to the email address from which you submitted the application.
  3. If you are not already signed up for direct deposit of stipends, then your check will be sent to a designated location on campus. If you have elected direct deposit, then the payment will automatically go to the account number you designated. If you are already receiving a fellowship stipend, the travel grant will be combined with your regularly scheduled payment.
  4. Upon receiving notification of the award, students must submit confirmation of acceptance to the conference to the GSAS Dean's Office. This may be done by sending a scanned copy of the acceptance letter or email notice to; faxing a copy of the acceptance letter to (212) 995-4180, or bringing a copy of the letter to the GSAS Dean's Office at 6 Washington Square North, First Floor. Be sure that the confirmation includes your name and UID number. If confirmation is not received by the Confirmation Deadline shown above, the award offer will be cancelled.

Other Information

All grants are $500. International students whose countries do not have a tax treaty with the U.S. will be taxed at 8% or 14% of the grant, depending on their visa type.

Student Travel Grant funds may be used as the student sees fit to cover travel expenses related to the conference presentation. Grant recipients must make their own arrangements for travel and accommodations, including any passports, visas, and tickets.

Application Procedure

  1. Students applying for a grant must complete the form below. (There is no form unless the application period is open.)
  2. The following departments require departmental review and support of the grant request before it can be entered into the lottery: Biology, Economics, Hebrew and Judaic Studies, and Physics. The GSAS Dean's Office will forward the application to them for consideration.
  3. The GSAS Dean's Office confirms receipt of the application by return e-mail to the applicant.

If you have any questions, please email