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The Graduate School of Arts and Science’s Master's College provides access to information, advisement, and resources for prospective and current master's students as they focus on their scholarly, professional, and personal development. Founded by Dean Emeritus Catharine R. Stimpson in 2007, the Master’s College is an innovative initiative in higher education which demonstrates our commitment and dedication to master’s education and students. We work with NYU campus-wide offices and GSAS academic departments and programs to provide the highest quality master’s education. We host a variety of academic events, including thesis competitions, career-planning seminars, and grant-writing workshops. The Master's College also plans social events to give students a chance to meet colleagues from other departments in a convivial and welcoming atmosphere.

The Master's College recruits students to participate on the Master's College Program Board, a group of current master's students from diverse backgrounds who create, plan, and host events for their fellow students. Its mission is to enhance the educational experience of GSAS master's students by providing activities that build a sense of unity across the NYU global community.

Upcoming Events

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    GSAS Master's College presents
    Cafe Discourse: Election Edition
    Join the Master’s College Program Board at Café Discourse, an event that brings graduate students from diverse departments together for lively conversation on weighty yet modern topics in a laid-back environment. This month we'll be discussing the role of social media on voter opinion, both in the upcoming US Presidential election and beyond.

    Consider these questions ahead of the discussion:

    -To what extent does social media content affect voter opinion? Is this influence a good thing, or a bad thing?
    -Does a platform like Facebook, giving direct access to so much information, create more confusion than clarity?
    -How can we ensure that voters see the real facts on social media?

    Join us for this truly interdisciplinary and engaging conversation and as always, the first round is on us.

    Friday, October 21
    The Scratcher
    209 E 5th St
    New York, NY 10003

    To RSVP email with your name, your department, and the name of this event, or join the event on Facebook.
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    GSAS Master's College presents
    The Program Board Village Ghost Tour
    Get in the Halloween spirit with your friends on the Master's College Program Board! We're taking a fun tour of the Greenwich Village area to learn about its haunted history.

    We'll meet near campus for a walking tour of the neighborhood led by an expert in the paranormal!

    Friday, October 28
    7:00 pm
    RSVP by email for details

    To claim your spot and get the meet-up location, email with your name, your department, and the name of this event.