Learning to Teach

The GSAS Teaching and Learning Program is a teaching preparation and development program for graduate students in the Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS). Fostering the idea of the university as a learning community, the Teaching and Learning Program reflects the belief that teaching, and learning how to teach well, is an integral part of the academic and educational experience of graduate students. Good teaching reflects upon good practice. With rigorous analysis, teachers think about complex processes of teaching and learning, the hopes and ambitions of the students in their laboratories and classrooms, and the best ways of assessing the effectiveness of their efforts. As a result, the Teaching and Learning Program encourages critical reflection on the work of being a teacher. Central to the program is collaboration with faculty mentors and individual graduate departments, who assist in this task of developing good teaching among graduate students for careers in both the academy and in other professions.

The GSAS Teaching and Learning Program consists of three component activities:
  • GSAS Teaching Conference – an orientation and introduction to teaching at NYU for GSAS first-time graduate student teachers
Resources for Teaching