MacCracken Housing Program for Doctoral Students

Dear Member of Our Graduate School Community,

We are very happy to welcome you to New York University and to the Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS). We are pleased to write you about the special housing opportunity available through the MacCracken Housing Program (MHP). The MacCracken Housing Program is a unique housing program offered by GSAS to our doctoral students during their first year of study. Housing is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and requires a fully completed MHP application; complete details about applying for the housing are provided below in the program summary.

MHP provides housing in converted two-bedroom apartments located in Stuyvesant Town.

Stuyvesant Town is a secure enclave of 89 high-rise buildings set in a park-like environment amid lawns, numerous trees, and playgrounds. It is located on the east side of Manhattan, between 14th and 20th Streets, and First Avenue and East River Drive. It is a 20 minute walk to campus, is connected to the Washington Square campus by the free NYU shuttle bus service, and is close to public transportation. All apartments are furnished and are in elevator buildings.

The Graduate School subsidizes the cost of housing to insure that we can offer you affordable and appropriate graduate housing near the Washington Square campus. When comparing off-campus housing alternatives to MHP housing, please keep in mind that the MHP rates are more affordable than most comparable non-NYU apartments listed at market rates. MHP has many attractive features:

  • Utilities are included in the room cost (heat, water and electricity)

  • Apartments are furnished

  • MHP housing is close to campus

  • Laundry facilities are on site

  • All buildings have elevators

  • Security is maintained by Stuyvesant Town Security

  • Residents are provided with a Stuyvesant Town issued photo identification swipe-card.

To participate in MHP housing, you must first indicate your interest by submitting the Statement of Intent, available at After we receive your submission, we will send you an email with specific information about the housing application process. Your immediate submission of the Statement of Intent is very important so that we can know that you are interested in our housing.

We provide descriptive information about MHP on the following pages, including:

  • Program Summary

  • Six Steps for Participating in MHP

  • MHP Housing Options at a Glance

  • Stuyvesant Town Converted Two-Bedroom Apartment, Detailed Description

  • Housing Policies

  • Housing Floor Plan

If you have any questions about the MacCracken Housing Program, please do not hesitate to contact my colleague, Cherone Slater, Administrative Aide in the Office of Academic and Student Affairs at (212) 998-8060 or

Everyone in the Graduate School wants you to have the best possible academic experience. We all look forward to hearing from you and to meeting you in September.


Israel Rodriguez
Director of Student Affairs
Graduate School of Arts and Science

Graduate School of Arts and Science MacCracken Housing Program

(For MacCracken Doctoral Students During Their First Year of Study)

Program Summary, 2014-2015

The Graduate School of Arts and Science is pleased to announce the MacCracken Housing Program (MHP). The Graduate School offers all new MacCracken doctoral students the opportunity to reside in graduate housing at a greatly subsidized rate. The housing program is designed to help our students acclimate to New York City during the first year of their doctoral careers. We expect that by the end of their first year, students will be familiar enough with the city and the university to find housing more easily than they would have been able to do at the beginning of their studies.

 Five Important Notes

1. As there are a limited number of available spaces in MHP housing, available spaces are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.

2. Submission of the Statement of Intent is the first step in the MHP application process but it does not complete the application process. Students are encouraged to complete the full MHP housing application as soon as possible, as you will not be informed of whether you are provided a space until the full process is completed.  

3. Four documents are required to complete the MHP application process (see Step 4, page 4, MHP - Six Steps for Participating). Once all four documents are received by the GSAS Office of Academic and Student Affairs, students will be advised of their housing application status.

4. The $1,000.00 (USD) MHP application fee will be credited to your student Bursar account.

5. MHP is a special program, specifically designed for new MacCracken doctoral students in GSAS. The application process, procedures, and deadline dates are different from those required for other graduate housing options offered by NYU. Please follow the procedures and requirements that GSAS describes in these materials. Do not follow any procedures provided by the NYU Office of Residential Life and Housing Services.

What are the criteria for participating in MHP?

  • Participation is limited to first-year MacCracken doctoral students, beginning their studies in the fall 2014 term.1

  • MHP housing is available only for a student’s first year of study.

  • Single students are eligible to participate.

  • Married or partnered students may apply with their spouses or eligible domestic partners. The housing rate for the partner is not subsidized by the Graduate School, unless the spouse or partner is also a new entering MacCracken doctoral student.

  • Family housing is regrettably not available.

1 Doctoral students in the following programs are not funded through the Graduate School's MacCracken Program and should contact their program of study directly to learn about housing opportunities at NYU—Basic Medical Sciences at the Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences at the NYU School of Medicine, Cinema Studies and Performance Studies in the Tisch School of the Arts, Environmental Health Sciences, the Institute of Fine Arts and the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World.

MHP—Six Steps for Participating

There are six steps in the MHP process.

Step 1. Indicate your interest in MHP by completing the Statement of Intent form located online at (If you do not have access to the web, please contact Cherone Slater at (212) 998-8060 or Please note that the Statement of Intent begins the housing application process, but it is not the official application and does not secure your place in the MacCracken Housing Program (MHP). The completed application is required to secure housing (please refer to the fourth step).


Step 2. Upon receipt of your Statement of Intent, you will receive an automated message with instructions on how to activate your NYU email account. Once you activate your NYU email account, Cherone Slater will provide you with access to a secure web site where detailed information about the graduate housing application procedure and materials are posted (including the official housing application, license agreement, and relevant consent and disclosure forms).

Step 3. Review the housing materials on the NYU Classes site and make a final decision about whether or not you wish to apply for housing through MHP. Married and partnered applicants should review what is needed to complete the Statement of Domestic Partnership form.

Step 4. The MHP application is comprised of four components. Each is required for a completed application.

  • 2014-2015 MHP Housing Application
  • 2014-2015 Housing License
  • A copy of a U.S. driver's license or government-issued passport
  • A non-refundable application fee of $1,000.00 (USD)

Two Important Notes about the Application Fee

  • The $1,000 (USD) application fee will be paid by electronic wire transfer. Full details about the electronic wire transfer process will be made available shortly after you have communicated your intent to participate in the MacCracken Housing Program.
  • The $1,000 application fee for MHP is not refundable if you withdraw your application or choose not to accept the housing that is offered.


Step 5. You will be notified of whether of not you are offered a space in MHP housing soon after you complete your full application. You will be notified of your specific housing assignment and roommate by the end of July 2014.


Step 6. Your $1,000 application fee will be credited to your student Bursar account during the fall 2014 term. If we are not able to offer you a space in MHP housing because space is full, then we will refund your $1,000 application fee. (This is the only instance in which the fee can be refunded.)

MHP—Housing Options At a Glance







Stuyvesant Town

Converted Two-Bedroom Apartment

Approx. 580 square feet

11.5 months

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 through

Saturday, August 8, 2015

$12,824.00 for 11.5 months.

In your financial planning, this averages out to approximately $1,115.00 per month.

(The unsubsidized cost for a spouse or partner is $1,524.00 per month, bringing the total for the student and spouse/partner combined averages out to $2,639.00 per month or $30,350.00 for 11.5 months.)

Utilities are included. Telephone, cable and internet access are not included.

Single, married and partnered students

Common Room


Full bath with shower/tub

Private bedrooms

Utilities (water, heat, gas and electricity)

Air conditioning

Apartment furniture

Elevator building

Park-like setting

Apartment style living

Common room



NYU-Net dial-up ready

Intercom/buzzer system

Apartment style furniture

Area carpeting

24 hour Stuyvesant security

2 Students agree to a specific term of occupancy in the MHP housing license. The license may not be extended for longer than the term specified. Early release from the housing license is not possible except for extenuating and unforeseen circumstances.

3 The rent payment schedule will be released in advance of the fall 2014 term.

MHP—Stuyvesant Town Converted Two-Bedroom Apartments

Stuyvesant Town is a secure enclave of 89 high-rise buildings set in a park-like environment amid lawns, numerous trees, and playgrounds. It is located on the east side of Manhattan, between 14th and 20th Streets, and First Avenue and East River Drive. It is a 20 minute walk to the Washington Square Campus, is connected by the free NYU shuttle bus service, and is close to public transportation. Because of its proximity to NYU’s Washington Square campus, Stuyvesant Town is an ideal choice for newly admitted doctoral students.

The Graduate School is pleased to offer converted two-bedroom apartments in Stuyvesant Town. Previously one-bedroom units, these apartments were converted into two-bedroom units. Each MHP participant is assigned a private bedroom. The approximate size of these apartments is 580 square feet.


  • All apartments are furnished, air-conditioned and include two private bedrooms, a full bathroom with tub/shower, a kitchen and a dining area.

  • The kitchen includes a refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and sink. Residents must provide their own cookware, dishes, and supplies.

  • Each bedroom contains a twin bed, desk, dresser or armoire, and wastebasket. A table and chairs are provided in the dining alcove.

  • Additional furnishings are provided for the common area (loveseats or three-seater couch). Windows have shades. Additional large furniture is not permitted in the Stuyvesant Town apartments.

  • Students may sign up for University meal plans at other university residences or facilities, if desired, at the published university rates.

  • Heat, water, and electricity are included in the rental fees.

  • All units are in elevator buildings and are equipped with card operated laundry rooms in the basement. If residents choose to use the laundry rooms in the building, cards can be purchased from the machines and may be refilled for laundry use.

  • Residents enter building lobbies using a Stuyvesant Town issued photo identification swipe-card. Entry into individual apartments, mailboxes or the building’s laundry room are by key.         

  • Mailboxes for each apartment are located in the entry vestibule of individual buildings.

  • Since Stuyvesant Town buildings do not have doormen service, all guests use the intercom to contact their host's apartment and to be buzzed in.

  • Stuyvesant Town Security polices the area and works closely with NYU’s Office of Public Safety on issues of concern to student residents.

  • NYU maintains a full-time professional manager, and Graduate Resident Assistants are in residence as part of the Stuyvesant Town community.

Telephone, Cable and Computer Services


Telephone, cable and computer services are not included in the charges at Stuyvesant Town.

Telephone: Students contract independently for telephone service. Residents provide their own telephones (no wall phones). To establish long-distance service, residents must contact a carrier directly. Roommates are solely responsible for telephone bills and should agree beforehand about telephone use and payment responsibility.

Cable: Students contract independently for cable TV service. Residents provide their own televisions and connecting cables. Roommates are solely responsible for cable bills and should agree beforehand about cable television use and payment responsibility.

Computer Access: Students contract independently with internet service providers for access to the internet. Roommates are solely responsible for internet service provider bills and should agree beforehand about internet use and payment responsibility. For more information about connecting from off-campus, see:

MHP—Housing Policies

GSAS MHP participants must comply with all policies and procedures outlined on the NYU Office of Residential Life and Housing Services website at:

MacCracken Housing Program policies include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Double occupancy is not permitted in rooms assigned for a single occupant.

  • Subletting is not permitted.

  • Pets are not permitted.

  • Family housing is regrettably not available.

  • Students may sign up for university meal plans at other university residences or facilities, if desired, at published university rates. For more information about NYU Dining Services visit:

Roommate Anyone?

The Graduate School of Arts and Science is committed to providing a supportive residential experience by providing a roommate selection feature within the MHP application process. Single students are not required to select a roommate.

Single applicants may request roommates from the pool of other single student MHP participants. A student may choose to live with another student of their same legal (biological) gender, a student of the opposite gender or a student of the same gender identity or expression.

To select a roommate, single students will be prompted to place an advertisement on the secure online web site specifically designed for MHP participants. To find a compatible roommate, students are encouraged to be specific when describing themselves, individual preferences and their ideal match. Participants will be able to exchange contact information through this process.

Each MHP participant who desires to reside with a specific roommate must each choose the other on the MHP Roommate Pairing Form to communicate roommate preference. The MHP Roommate Pairing Form may be sent via email to Cherone Slater at by Friday, June 27, 2014.

Individuals who do not select a specific roommate will be assigned an MHP roommate of their same legal (biological) gender by the NYU Office of Residential Life and Housing Services.

Married or domestically partnered students will occupy an entire apartment solely with their spouses.