Graduate School Fellowships and Assistantships

The Graduate School of Arts and Science offers an extensive program of funding support. Funding decisions, based solely on merit, are made by the departments with deaconal review. 

Some of the sources of funding available through the University and the Graduate School are listed below.


Named in honor of the founder of the Graduate School of Arts and Science, the MacCracken Program provides full funding support to most new doctoral students. The MacCracken Program has been significantly enhanced with the implementation of Financial Aid Reform (FAR4). You may read about it in our program announcements to new and continuing students, or refer to the program Guidelines. A number of these awards are enhanced by a dean's supplement reserved for historically underrepresented minority groups. Students who receive funding from an external agency also are awarded the MacCracken award, if necessary, to insure they receive an award package with full funding.


GSAS encourages students to apply for external assistance and provides tuition support to recipients of external awards. Students receiving external awards of $13,000 or more from recognized, academic sources of funding outside of the University can apply for matching tuition points up to the amount of their outside award. Students receiving external awards of less than $13,000 may apply for matching tuition points up to 50 percent of the amount of the external award. The TIP application is available online (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).

For a description of all Graduate School fellowships and assistantships, please refer to Financing Graduate Education.