GSAS Teaching Certificate Program

The GSAS Teaching Certificate Program consists of two distinctive non-credit seminars open to Master's and Doctoral level students in the Graduate School of Arts and Science.  Seeking to support the efforts of graduate students who wish to deepen their understanding of teaching and learning, the certificates are designed to help students develop reflective teaching practice, improve teaching effectiveness and prepare for teaching careers in higher education.

Built upon an awareness of the demands on graduate student schedules, the Teaching Certificates are designed to fit into a time-commitment of 25 hours during the academic year. Upon the completion of each program, students will receive a certificate recognizing their achievement that can prove valuable when seeking a faculty position. (Please note that the GSAS Teaching Certificate Program is not equivalent to New York State Teaching Certification.)

Preparing Future Faculty 1: The Art & Craft of Teaching

This certificate introduces students to the basic components of effective classroom teaching in a higher education context.

Preparing Future Faculty 2: Achieving Success through Communication

This certificate provides further discussions on the scholarship of teaching and learning. Particular attention is paid to communicating with students – be it in the written or oral form, as well as current methods of incorporating technology into our classroom communication.

Preparing Future Faculty 2 is designed to build upon the learning of Preparing Future Faculty 1, and therefore successful completion of Preparing Future Faculty 1 is expected, however, applicants with two or more years of classroom teaching experience may apply.

Updated on 08/18/2015