Student Perspectives


Meet Our Students

PS_EricaAdams.jpg Erica Adams
M.A. Politics

PS_AnneBrancky.jpg Anne Brancky
Ph.D. French
PS_cokelet.jpg Ben Cokelet
M.A. International Politics and International Business

PS_IvanCorwin.jpg Ivan Corwin
Ph.D. Mathematics
PS_TamaraDay.jpg Tamara Day
M.A. Draper Interdisciplinary Program in Humanities and Social Thought
PS_SamanthaGibson.jpg Samantha Gibson
M.A. Archives and Public History

PS_PengchengSong.jpg Pengcheng Song
Ph.D. Chemistry
PS_ManuelaTravaglianti.jpg Manuela Travaglianti
Ph.D. Politics
PS_NEW_ApoorvaVadi.jpg Apoorva Vadi
MSIS Computer Science
Updated on 01/16/2015