Complete list of Master's Programs (M.A. / M.F.A. / M.S.)

Africana Studies
  Africana Studies/Museum Studies

American Studies (see Social and Cultural Analysis)

Ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian Studies 

  Human Skeletal Biology

Applied Quantitative Research

  Applied Recombinant DNA Technology
  Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
  Computers in Biological Research
  Oral Biology
  Biology and Business (M.S./M.B.A.)

  Chemical Biology Chemistry
  Inorganic Chemistry
  Material/Nano Science
  Organic Chemistry
  Theory/Physical Chemistry

Cinema Studies (with Tisch)


Comparative Literature

Computer Science
  Information Systems
  Scientific Computing (with Mathematics)

Creative Writing
  Creative Writing--Fiction
  Creative Writing--Poetry
  Writers Workshop in Paris--Fiction
  Writers Workshop in Paris--Poetry

Data Science

  Economics/Law (M.A./J.D.)

English and American Literature

Environmental Health Sciences
  Environmental Toxicology
  Occupational--Environmental Hygiene

Environmental Health Sciences--Ergonomics and Biomechanics

European and Mediterranean Studies
  European Culture and Society
  European Politics and Policy
  Mediterranean Studies
  Journalism/European and Mediterranean Studies

Fine Arts
  History of Art and Archaeology
  History of Art and Archaeology/Conservation

  French Literature
  Literary Translation: French/English
  NYU Paris - Literature
  NYU Paris - Language and Civilization
  NYU Paris - Language and Civilization/Museum Studies
  Teaching French as a Foreign Language (apply through Steinhardt)

French Studies
  French Studies/Business Administration (M.A./M.B.A.)
  French Studies/Journalism
  French Studies/Law (M.A./JD)


Hebrew and Judaic Studies
  Hebrew and Judaic Studies/Museum Studies
  Public Administration and Judaic Studies (M.A./M.P.A.)
  Education and Jewish Studies/Hebrew and Judaic Studies (with Steinhardt)

Historical and Sustainable Architecture

  Archives and Public History
  History of Women and Gender
  World History
  History/Law (M.A./J.D.)

Humanities and Social Thought (Draper Interdisciplinary Master's Program)

International Relations
  European & Mediterranean Studies
  International Politics and International Business
  Journalism/International Relations
  Russian & Slavic Studies

Irish and Irish American Studies

Italian Studies
  Italian Literature
  Italian Studies

Journalism (Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute)
  Business and Economic Reporting
  Cultural Reporting and Criticism
  Literary Reportage
  Magazine Writing
  News and Documentary
  Reporting New York
  Reporting the Nation
  Science, Health and Environmental Reporting
  Studio 20
  Africana Studies/Journalism
  European and Mediterranean Studies/Journalism
  French Studies/Journalism
  International Relations/Journalism
  Journalism and Religion
  Latin American and Caribbean Studies/Journalism
  Near Eastern Studies/Journalism
  Russian and Slavic Studies/Journalism

Latin American and Caribbean Studies
  Latin American and Caribbean Studies/Museum Studies
  Latin American and Caribbean Studies/Journalism
  Latin American and Caribbean Studies/Law (M.A./J.D.)

Library and Information Science
  Library and Information Science (M.S.L.I.S. and a Master's degree in any field [except Linguistics] from NYU's Graduate School of Arts and Science)

  Mathematics in Finance
  Scientific Computing (with Computer Science)

Museum Studies

Near Eastern Studies
  Near Eastern Studies/Business (with courses in the Leonard N. Stern School of Business)
  Near Eastern Studies/Journalism
  Near Eastern Studies/Museum Studies

Performance Studies (with Tisch)

  Philosophy/Law (M.A./J.D.)
  Philosophy/Medicine (M.A./M.D.)


  Comparative Politics
  International Politics and International Business
  Political Economy
  Political Theory
  Politics/Law (M.A./J.D.)
  Politics/Business Administration (M.A./M.B.A.)

  General Psychology
  Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Religious Studies
  Journalism and Religion

Russian and Slavic Studies
  Russian and Slavic Studies/Journalism

Social and Cultural Analysis

Sociology (see Applied Quantitative Research)

Spanish and Portuguese
  Creative Writing in Spanish (M.F.A.)
  NYU Madrid: Literary and Cultural Studies
  NYU Madrid: Applied Linguistics
  Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (apply through Steinhardt)

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