Financial Aid

Our long-term commitment to students begins with their acceptance into one of our graduate programs. More than ever, a graduate education is a significant investment in one's future. We are concerned both with attracting students, as well as helping to ensure they have the financial resources to complete their graduate study.

The Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS) offers an extensive program of funding support. Funding decisions, based solely on merit, are made by the departments with the Dean's review.

Funding for most GSAS doctoral students includes a multi-year, full-funding support package through the MacCracken Program. The MacCracken package includes a full-tuition scholarship, a generous and competitive stipend, a Dean's Supplementary Fellowship Grant for start-up educational costs, remission of fees, and student health insurance coverage. In addition to financial support, students have the opportunity to gain valuable teaching experience.

Master's students should contact the director of graduate studies in their department or program to see if scholarship funding or adjunct positions are available. Master's students who receive competitive fellowships from external agencies may be eligible to apply for matching tuition awards through the Graduate School's Tuition Incentive Program.